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Revenge of the Ions - Yoni - Leggings



Punctuate your life's statements. Every aspect of this piece is woven with the intention of making your curves and impetus bounce, flow, sing and fly. The artwork is feng-shui'd to dance harmoniously with your figure and movements, adding pep to each step you take on the winding path that is revealing your unique relationship with Destiny.

Look Fate in the eye. Awaken the I.

  • Built to endure years of adventure.
  • Snug and body forming.
  • Fast drying and workout safe.
  • Designed in Toronto.
  • Made, sweatshop free, in Montreal.
  • Made to order: less waste = less environmental impact.
  • Material is manufactured in close range to where the final pieces are produced.
  • Printed with brilliant, environmentally friendly inks that retain their vibrancy with proper care.
  • Made with eco-poly and performance spandex.
  • Eco-poly uses about 70% less heat, water and energy in its production than average in one of the world's most wasteful industries.

Hunger for the Cosmos?

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