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What makes your clothing "Eco-Friendly?"

Eco-Poly is a big part of most of the clothing we carry. It, as well as all of the clothing we have available, is manufactured in Canada using up to 70% less water, heat and energy than other polyester-making processes in what is arguably the second most wasteful industry on planet Earth. 

The Proximity of textile manufacturer to the design house that produces the final piece is also a carbon-reducing bonus: One is just outside of Montreal, the other resides downtown.

Quality. The products themselves are high quality and enduring - pieces that, with proper care, will stand many tests of plenty of time. We've put them through many obstacles, and are delighted with their buoyancy!

Creation-on-demand. They are also made-to-order, which minimizes the risk of industry waste created by mass produced lots not selling.

Why don't you use natural fibers? Because Fate Designs originated for its art, and chemistry is a fickle mistress. Sadly, ink doesn't stick in high saturation to natural fibers. Polyester retains its colours for a very, very long time - and the garment will last a long, long time.

What is "Slow Fashion?"  The Slow Fashion Movement operates on the principles of designing, creating and buying clothes that are built to last, with longer pacing between production schedules, an emphasis on fair wages and a reduced carbon footprint - with an ideal of zero waste. 

It invites you to consider what you really need in your wardrobe, what you value when it comes to making a purchase (IE: Do you like supporting local businesses and designers?) and it gives you space to think about whether or not a piece fits your identity rather than pressuring you into buying something right away because by next week, it -and you- will have already been out of style.

Why are your clothes so expensive?  On top of the fact that our production methods aren't cheapened by environmentally and body dangerous chemicals, our pieces are high quality, hand made in Canada by people getting paid fair wages in equitable working conditions. With the price tag comes an investment in the kind of world that will be left for future generations to inherit.


Do you do wholesale? Yes. If you would like to buy in bulk or carry our products, please contact us and we will send you a price list.


Is the art featured on Fate Designs clothing original? Yes. It is the Photoshopped work of one person, featuring largely cacophonous mixtures what the artist sees as "natural patterns," with a focus on colour saturation as a means to enhance the dynamics catalyzed by their meeting.

Why is the fine art on a different website with a separate cart? After watchfully searching high and low for the best ways to emerge into the world, Fate discovered two paths. Each site utilizes web interfaces that communicate directly with specialized manufacturers, one of clothing, the other of fine art. This is a way of ensuring the highest quality of the finished piece while allowing the artist time and peace of mind to do what the artist is most inclined to do: create.


How long will it take after I've ordered before it is shipped?  
This depends on the volume of orders being processed by the manufacturer.  It's usually 5-10 days for a regular order, 10-20 days wholesale. Holiday production times can take longer.  If you're concerned about the timeliness of your order, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Shipping times: 

In Canada, shipping to Eastern Provinces takes about 3-4 business days and shipping to Western provinces can take 4-7 business days.

In the US, o
rders generally take 2-6 business days once shipped within the USA.

Currently, US and international orders are shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from within the USA.

All orders shipped domestically within the US will have a tracking number that can be tracked with USPS.

International orders generally take 10-15 business days but may be delayed by the customs of your country

International or wholesale orders may be subject to customs fees or duties of your country. Unfortunately, these fees are the responsibility of the person receiving the order. 

International orders will not have a tracking number due to the fact that they are untraceable once they leave the USA.

Returns are handled on a case by case basis, though are typically only assigned on the rare occasion of a manufacturer defect.

Items are not returnable due to sizing issues. Since all garments are printed and made-to-order, we cannot replace/remake a garment that was not ordered in the correct size. Please choose the correct size by referring to our measurement charts.

We do not cover the shipping cost of a returned item. Returns must be received within 30 days.

What if I made a mistake with my order? We work to make sure orders get processed quickly. Please notify us as soon as possible - we suggest within 4 hours - and we will do what we can to rectify the situation.  

What if there is an issue with my order? Please contact us within 8 days of the ship date for Canadian and US orders or 13 days for international orders to ensure we can help work the issue out. Please include pictures!

What do you do with returns and defects? We donate what we can and recycle what is too far gone. 


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