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Free Love Held Together by the Immutable Self

Posted on October 15 2016

Ever look back at the things you've written  or posted only to realize that your situation in life may have changed vastly, but your basic credos remain more or less the same? 

Here's a bit on the "L" word.

"To increase it’s value (and price) we are made to believe love is a scarce resource, even more scarce than religionists want sex to be....

But, as Alan Watts says “it’s only when you’re in love with another person that you see them as they really are … a divine being … when you’re not in love with people, you see only a fragmented version of them.”"


Love is as real as we allow ourselves to be and as clearly as we can see one another. the military industrial religion entertainment complex has worked very closely with the algorithms of our evolutionary development to ensure the narrowest passages in our journey to such realizations. This has been clotting our arteries for quite some time and surely puts us at some sort of lethal risk, should we not examine the greater subtleties of our dietary needs and work past habits that do not serve to feed the forces of unity and creation.



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